About Gudrun

rsz_gud11nov14_0056_croppedWhen Frog stepped on Cinderella’s foot during their weekly tango session she said, ‘Let’s have a break and introduce Gudrun instead!’

‘Good idea’, replied Frog as he plucked glass splinters from his left foot. ‘What do we know about her?’

Cinderella sat down and slipped into her comfy Birkenstock sandals, ‘Well, she loves to show people how they can make up stories without books.’

‘True’, Frog replied and put his injured foot on Cinderella’s pink skirt, ‘she has loads of methods and techniques to get people going.’

‘Yeah, she has run workshops for kindergarten and grade 1 teachers and particularly enjoyed introducing storytelling to moms in mother-and-child retreats in Germany.’

‘You know’, Cinderella was pouring a hot cup of tea, ‘the other day I spoke with Snow White and she mentioned to me that she just loved journaling but sometimes found it difficult to get started or get going, I bet, Gudrun can help her there.’

‘Absolutely, I am sure.’

‘And also’, Cinderella continued, stirring cream into her steaming cup, ‘Rumpelstiltskin would find a way to deal with his issues if he simply could write stories and that way get the muddle in his head on paper.’

‘And his furniture would last longer, too. Did you know that he has a standing order with IKEA?’

‘I heard the neighbours talk about it. Actually Red Riding Hood would find storytelling helpful having had all these negative encounters with dogs.’

‘Well, it’s much better now that her grandmother is in a beautiful assisted-living community and Red Riding Hood no longer has to walk through the woods, they have a shuttle bus from city center.’

Frog took a wheatgrass shot, ‘Ah, just my thing!’

‘Does wonders to your complexion’, Cinderella winked at him.

‘No more gossiping, back to Gudrun!’

‘What I like about her is her patience and the way she listens to you.’

Frog nodded, pouring another shot into his glass, ‘having lived in Hong Kong for so long she really knows about living abroad and in a very different culture. Did you know that she wrote a book on this?’

‘Yes, we talked about it. She said that writing her book helped her getting clarity about her situation.’

‘Writing or telling a story with a purpose is on the one hand a purely fun and creative process. You don’t have to worry about the end of the story; you let your ideas flow. At the same time you will sometimes be surprised what insight came up when reading it later’, she told me.’

‘I guess all it needs is having Gudrun to get this process going and keep it going’. This time Frog sipped his wheatgrass slowly and closed his eyes enjoying the taste.

‘Frog, why don’t we write a story together – I am sure we will come up with something unique.’

‘Now that is a novel idea! Let’s contact Gudrun to set up a private session, we can write via her email: gkittel.thong@gmail.com’.

Cinderella shoved Frog’s foot off her skirt and reached for her laptop.

‘Oh, and by the way, Cinderella?’


‘Kiss me again!’

Gudrun, author of the book Expatriate Relocation: How to manage the emotional issues when relocating, is a long-term resident of Hong Kong. She is passionate about the power of storytelling in the lives of parents, teachers, and children, and she offers professional training in this area in German and English. Her Master’s degree in Education makes her particularly adept in reigniting creativity in adults and in inspiring children as well.



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