A Food Story

pumpkinOnce upon a time there was a seedling sprout.

Small and green and very tender it just peeked a little bit out of the dark and moist soil.

‘Hello?’ it thought and looked around.

Nobody there.

‘Strange. Maybe I should curl up and disappear into the ground again.’

But then it sensed some very slight rustling nearby and another green sprout appeared.’

‘Hi there! Glad you could come, too! It was a bit too quiet for me.’

As it was saying this the ground started rustling all around and many more tiny green sprouts showed their leafy heads.

There they were: new garden dwellers, still small but already full of nature’s power.

Everyday they grew a little taller; one could almost watch them grow.

However, they did not grow into tall and upright plants, instead they curved all over the ground like vines without support beams.

And one day beautiful small yellow blossoms opened that attracted lots of insects making their plot a rather busy one for a few days.

And then the blossoms fell off.

And new, different but equally beautiful flowers opened for just one day.

After that it became very quiet on the plot of land that our little sprout called home.

Every body was busy growing.

Growing into exceptional pumpkins.

Exceptional because every living being on earth – and that includes rocks, too – is exceptional.

But lets get back to our not so little anymore sprout-now-developing-into-a-pumpkin.

Its colour was a warm and strong orange; its body got bigger and bigger; its shell hardened until one day the farmer came and collected sprout and its cousins.

Sprout was sold to health food shop and not long after that a young Chinese lady with a good eye for quality vegetable bought it and brought it home.

What an adventure was waiting for sprout!

Finally, sprout could fulfill its life purpose.

In order to do this sprout needed the Chinese lady – let us call her Teressa – and a few friends.

Oooh, how comfortable the process was!

First a nice warm rinse with water.

Then opening up and letting in light into sprout’s inner being, how liberating!

Getting rid of the tough shell and scratching out the tickling fabric of its inner body was so relaxing.

Next loosening up into smaller bits and a hot bath in the frying pan, yes, that got sprouts delicious juices going.

‘Hello friends!’ sprout thought as it was tossed together with ginger, onion, lemon grass, smooth coconut milk and vegetable stock.

How comfortable it felt with all of them. They started communicating immediately as if they had been friends all their lives.

‘Bye bye, lemongrass!’ they thought to the herb when it had to leave again after a while – they remembered it because lemongrass left its beautiful flavor behind.

Not much later they all ended up in a merry go round and had the fun of their lives!

Still a bit dizzy but full of zest they could settle again for a little while in the pot to get warm again.

Soon after that it began to rain and snow at the same time!

Pepper, salt and lime juice joined their yummy family.

‘Caramba!’ one last friend came in late and yet right on time.

‘Let’s add some fire’ the chilly shouted as it was sprinkled on.

Dressed in beautiful china our sprout lived out its lifelong dream as very appreciative friends of Teressa savoured it.

This was the life and adventures of sprout.

But it does not end here because the many seeds that Teressa found inside sprout were planted again and they in turn generated many more healthy-tasty pumpkin dishes, and their seeds….