Daydreaming & Storytelling make a groovy Combination…


… because both involve the imagination, give free reign to our thoughts and let us pursue our very own ideas.

Turning into a space cadet, letting our thoughts loose may give the impression of us doing nothing, however, our brains are hard at work.

These ‘interfering’ daydreams widen our scope of available resources and actually help to do complex tasks and find solutions easier.

I get my best ideas for stories or storytelling methods when going off on a tangent.

My graphic art ideas simply flow in when I am working on a piece and not focusing on any potentially worrying issues.

Developmental psychologist Howard Gardner describes seven different intelligences and an eighth has now found its way into this recognition: that of our intuition and insights, which only come when we let the mind ramble.

Daydreaming and imagination go hand in hand.

Complex visualisation that we experience when listening to a story trains our brains to think symbolically, which in turn is helpful to academic learning with numbers and complicated cognitive constructs.

Creating a story in a group inspires our imagination, increases listening skills and boosts the social interaction. Every contribution is of the same value and helps develop the story; there is no competition involved.

When we create a story or daydream we invent scenes in which we have total control – even monsters that make a scary story are overcome with our imaginative counter action. This eliminates fear in children who often feel as if they have no control over their lives. In their stories they do and that increases their self-esteem as well.

So go ahead, indulge into imaginative scenes, drop any result oriented thinking and relax into your creations.




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