Aliens in Fairy Tales?

Have you ever considered Aliens being the inspiration or reason for telling tall tales?

We earthlings have this inner drive to always wanting to find explanations for anything that happens to us otherwise we go bonkers; or in more civilized speak: we need to find ways to put something seen or experienced that is outside our known world into a framework that we can relate to.

Therefore we reverse-engineer: look at toddlers and the very young they are really good at that and should be encouraged; in adult years it is called industrial espionage and is usually discouraged.

Or we philosophy, find religion, seek therapy or take drugs. Some meditate.

Now imagine our ancestors who were not as intelligent as we are today (Yes, this is true: According to the human intelligence researcher J.R. Flynn the I.Q. increases by 3 – 4 points each decade) nor had our foreparents the ways and means to explore puzzling phenomena.

Imagine they encounter beings from outer space.

These beings look different but can shape-shift into human like bodies; they have communication systems that even today are far advanced; they travel in round vehicles without wheels; they manifest food, clothing or other items out of thin air, are able to float or fly and have amazing healing powers.

Conventional weapons cannot touch them and they are seen walking through walls.

Others are considerably above or below average height and live alone in the forest, sleep for 100 years and stay fresh as apples or apply alchemy by turning hay into gold, water into wine.

Imagine what is depicted as fiction in this movie is true:


Snow White’s stepmother possessed a magic mirror that talked to her – how about it being an advanced voice activated computer?

The Seven Dwarfs re-animated Snow White from poison and asphyxiation induced coma, each time without brain damage.

Btw: 7 dwarfs? Who were they really and what did they mine or do inside that mountain?

Cinderella’s coach popped out of a pumpkin and her dress was hanging in a tree – now this is what I call immediate manifestation of what you really really want.

In Japanese folklore the fox is an acknowledged shape-shifter.

In my fairy tale collection I have a Kamishibai story where the fox shift-shapes into a ghost, able to distend the arms all the way up into a tree to grab the legs of a man.

ru%cc%88bezahl-12A German legend tells us about a giant, ‘Rübezahl’ who lived in the Teutoburg Forest.

Recent published finds of skeletons of humanoid beings about 7 to 10 foot tall prove the fact that giants have lived on planet Earth – this somehow reminds me of Bigfoot and Yeti, where have they come from?

Ghost stories and movies with monsters walking through walls actually show us what is in fact possible: all we need to do is take on the same vibration frequency as the wall we want to traverse and voila!

Other, more advanced beings might be able to do exactly that and could have been seen in times past.

It is said that every legend has a grain of truth in it – could this be the same with fairy tales?



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