A Fast and Short Story

CIMG2013As I was walking down the street today I saw a teacup running along the tram rails. It was in such a hurry that the tea lapped over the rim leaving a spatter-trail behind.

‘What’s the hurry?’ a light pole shouted as the teacup rushed passed.

‘I am late! Sooo late’, came the breathless answer that only the fire hydrant further down the street could hear.

‘What are you late for?’ spluttered it – its water valve wasn’t completely shut.

‘Don’t ask, just let me pass!’

The teacup took a sharp turn into an alley upsetting sparrows.

‘Where to in such a rush?’ they also wanted to know.

‘Late, so late, oh no!’ was all they heard.

By now the teacup was almost empty from all the running, shaking, and taking sudden turns.

On it ran.

Until finally

the teacup reached its destination:


the end of this story.

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